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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whats in your purse?


We all have a "purse personality". Do you carry a small wallet or a huge hobo style bag?
We take it where ever we go. Why? Because inside that stitched material is our life line to our (the) world. The world is dying so why do we put so much trust into that? What if everything was for God, the creator of life?

We put so much value on what’s inside of our purses that we tend to freak out if it is lost, stolen or miss placed. Our identification, who we are, is in that purse. The way we pay for our food, our contacts, and our little odds and ends that we just couldn’t live without. Do we dare ask ourselves: Do these items take from God? Do we make idols of the objects we carry around?

Us ladies carry a lot of unnecessary stuff. Let’s all take a deep breath of admittance: We carry around a lot of junk!!! I personally, have broken candy (still in wrapper), old receipts, a match to an earring and Kool-Aid packets for bottle waters, pens that don’t work, and stuff my family gives me to hold on to. Why for the love of God do we do this? It makes our purse heavier and we do this to ourselves. It would take a few moments to clean it all out. But most often we choose to ignore the mess. Rather to clean it out, we choose to dig around to find stuff and just let the junk build up.

*Hope you have your spiritual eyes on today!

God does not want us to live that way, in any area of our lives. Especially in our purses where so much of "us" is kept. Why are we cluttering it up? Making our own load heavier? Our purses often resemble our spiritual life. We keep the buildup so we don’t have to go through the pain of tossing it out. Sure it’s pretty simple to take old receipt out and toss it, but what about that spiritual receipt?  That one you have been holding on to, that person who wronged you and don’t want to let it go. In fact, you pull that receipt when need be.

It’s not going to be a POOF, I have a clean purse. It’s going to be a process. You have to go through each item one by one and evaluate it and truly give it to God. Oh, you’re going to want to hold on to some stuff. That’s our human nature. We can’t be "Hey God, take this anger. I want to be a happy, joyful person." & the next time someone cuts you off, spills your drink that’s the thing from your purse you grab: anger. When you only have God hold your stuff for you, you’re not making progress & you’re definitely setting yourself up for failure and attack. Just giving the appearance of being clean. Instead of sweeping it under the rug, we need to spring clean!

Challenge yourself to let God take that receipt. Let go of whatever it is that you’re holding on to. God wants it. In fact, He asks for it.  The God who created the universe, ask us personally to hold our mess. He asks us to let him deal with our trouble. He does just that, He handles it in ways we could never imagine.  He makes miracles out of what we see as a mess. Ladies He wants us to clean out of purses. If what we carry around is a necessity and for God, then how can we fail?

It is so easy to get up in the morning and drop in some unnecessary things to take along with us as we go about our day. Sometimes I take a bad attitude or "the last nerve" with me on my way. Those things really clutter up my life. You may have some other things that you carry with you all the time that are getting in your way of serving Christ on a daily basis. I think sometimes we need to turn our lives upside down and dump everything out except for those things that honor Christ. We need to be tidy with our Christian lives and just have those things at our fingertips that please the Lord.

So what is in your purse? This is a perfect example of a purse we should try to achieve, even when & we will mess up life.

Cell Phone.
The first thing I'd better put in my purse is my communication devise, which is prayer of course.

I'll need my keys to drive my car and to unlock the house door when I come home. Faith is the key that unlocks doors so that's something I surely don't want to leave behind. Have you ever locked yourself out of your car or out of your house? That is such a helpless feeling when you are left without your keys. It's the same way when we leave faith out of our lives. We're stuck and helpless as Christians. Faith is imperative to our survival each day.

Driver’s License.
Next I'd better pop in my identification. Having that card in my wallet that has my picture on it and says I can drive is great because not only can I drive with it but it serves as identification for me too. My identification with Christ gives me even greater benefits; I have eternal life through Him. If I re
member my identification with the Lord it will make me think a little more about the way I act and react throughout my day. I'm one of God's children.
Money or Debit Card. 
If I'm going out to run errands, I'm usually going to end up spending some money or having to use my debit card in case I need to make some purchases. Instead of just investing in earthly things, I hope I find myself laying up some treasure in Heaven throughout my day.

I'll want to keep a pair of sunglasses with me. I hope I can remember to look through my eyes throughout the day as Christ would. I need to see with eyes of love, compassion, and kindness.

Package of Tissues.
Better throw a pack of tissues into my purse. I need to be reminded to shed a few tears for others souls. I trust I'll have a tender heart when it comes to the question of eternity for those I meet throughout my day.

I can't forget to take along a hairbrush. I'd better brush through my worries, as I don't want those tangling up my day. I need to brush them away by meditating on God's Word.

I might need a touch up so I'd better include a tube of lipstick in my purse. I need to be reminded to put some praise and singing on my lips everywhere I go throughout my day

* I will be doing a purse give away for best purse transformation! Stay tuned & Share this on your social network sites!