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Monday, June 4, 2012

Who we are & why we are.

With these crazy days we live in our gender roles have flip flopped. Women are becoming more independent each day. Along the path of fighting for equality, we lost our way. Yes, women do deserve to be equal and get paid equally... but what im talking about is much deeper then a paycheck.

Families are failing. One day soon the word family will be the new "F" word. It will be considered retro.
Men no longer hold the tite of H.O.H..While this culture changed happen, us women have done an amazing job at adjusting.
However, marriage is at an all time low, while divorce is on the rise. Teen pregnancy...all time high. Kids doing serious time for serious crimes... all time high.
& pure commitment to one another... taboo!
Marriage is going to be looked at ad something " our parents did". - mind you ALOT of people have that image & society and media do an impeccable job at keeping it going.

So, why did God place woman on earth? Why create us in the first place?

Bluntly put, men need our help!
He knew Adam didn't have the structure that Eve held in her heart.  Women were created to help! Hence the helpmate lingo.
Everything on this Earth was created. It had names and a proper place. Yet, the earth was missing something. It is the first time in the history of creation that something was not good. Our absence was not good! ( Gen 2:18)

The word rib means tesla in Hebrew, which means from the side.

He intended on us to be a suitable helper. Working side by side. A companion not a slave.

Why is the rib so important? Our wonderful creator chose mans rib so we were taken from his side, To be his equal. From under his arm  to be protected by him. From near his heart to be loved by him.

In return, we are taken from the rib to be strong, to protect the best we can. For a good strong rib will take the pressure, take the pain and will break before it lets harm to the vital organs. * keep your spiritual eyes on*

Women, we are here to be joyful. We are to wait till we are with the one God prepared for us ( lots of prayer!). We are not to be slaves. We are not to be walked on. We are not to be punched, abused and belittled. God created everything in the world then us. (Classic case of saving the best for last?). The world was not right without us.
So hold your head up high when you walk. Smile when you talk. Never be ashamed of your tears ( flaws). We ALL fall short of the Glory. We will forever be growing into who God called us to be. You are more precious then a rare gem. 
( Proverbs 31:10) God has a beautiful purpose for your life and do not let the devil think for you or work through the ignorance of others! We are loved by God.

We are not called to be lazy, we have work to do!

Stay blessed & walk in victory!